Where I am Training January 2019

Yogabuilt Classes with Connie Oliwa Yogabuilt is a functional core and infused yin/yang yoga training program designed to build strength, endurance, and flexibility all in one workout. This is a small group training and all levels are welcome regardless of your current fitness level. Modifications are given. Mondays @ 10 am Jim's Gym Parksville starts [...]

Eat. Move. Live.

Eat.Move.Live is a customized lifestyle program designed for you to improve your overall strength, flexibility, energy, and vitality regardless of your current fitness level and health. Eat.Move.Live. EAT… Many of our health issues, lack of energy and vitality, pre-diabetes, thyroid issues, hormonal fluctuations, brain fog, digestive issues and high stress (cortisol levels) may be reduced by reviewing [...]

Private & Small Group Training

After spending the past ten years playing in the snow and working with clients in Whistler, BC, I am going to the beach. Returning to Vancouver Island, to the beautiful community of Parksville. I look forward to meeting and working with many of you thru volunteering, fundraising and my fitness and nutrition programs. Looking to improve [...]

Your Fall Recipe Book is NOW AVAILABLE

12 Simple, nutrient-rich recipes are now ready to be enjoyed by you. I decided to create a monthly recipe book to save us time from having to search for meal ideas. These beautiful recipe books are so easy to use. Each month purchase your book, pick 3 or 4 or more recipes and enjoy healthy [...]

Be The Strongest Version of Yourself Today

We live in a World of success and failure. We win or we lose. We are happy or we are sad. We are up then we are down.Although this is true in many ways, it only becomes who we are, if we allow it to overpower our thoughts and emotions daily.I encourage my Clients to [...]

Should I Hot or Should I Cold?

written by Connie Oliwa, RHN Let us look at some benefits of both hot and cold water. Cold: Stimulates your nerve endings which produce a bit of a kick-start for you. So if you are feeling tired, cranky or lethargic, a cold shower may be the answer. Depression is a hot topic these days that [...]

Our Thyroid and The Metabolism Connection

Our thyroid is a little butterfly-shaped organ located in the neck. I am not discussing the role of it but will say the hormones it releases control our metabolism, which is how we use our energy.Our thyroid function manages our:breathingstrengthmenstrual cyclesbody temperaturesweatingfatigueability to tolerate heat/coldjoint and muscle painmood3 Ways To Improve Our Thyroid Function Nutrition: Eliminate or at [...]

Microbiomes and Gut Health

I feel I need to talk about microbiomes. We are all concerned with gut health so let's discuss it. The #1 food to eat and grow a good gut is plant fiber. Our bacterial cells outnumber our human cells. Our microbes are not germs that cause disease, they are actually an essential part of our [...]

Homemade Strawberry and Banana Cashew Milk

For me, this is dessert. At night, I will warm it slightly and sip on it while reading before bed. I tried store brands of almond and other kinds of milk alternatives, but besides soy, they just seem so watery and tasteless. So I started making my own almond milk but almonds need to be soaked. [...]

Let’s Talk Inflammation

We all have heard about inflammation and let's admit it, most of us suffer from it. We ache, our joints swell because of it, we have it. But ask yourself the question. What are we doing to rid our bodies of it? If you still live in the world that you accept being sore and [...]

What Type of Eater Are You?

When I ask clients what kind of eater they are, the answer usually is an emotional eater. Most times they are right. But the answer needs to be more specific if you are truly going to be able to design and maintain a healthy eating plan for yourself. We live in an information overload world [...]

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Your inner athlete represents your focus, determination and desire to succeed at whatever it is you want. connie oliwa